Your questions answered…

Q. Who is Discover Art Digital (DAD) aimed at?
A. DAD is aimed at those who are experienced artists, but also offers those just starting out help and inspiration and context for their further artistic pursuits.

Q. What language is DAD published in?
A. DAD is published in English.

Q. Who can subscribe to this service?
A. Anyone with access to a computer (PC or Mac) or mobile device such as a laptop or tablet or android phone. Oh yes – you’ll need an email address too.

Q. Why should I subscribe to DAD?
A. First, it’s professionally compiled and edited every other month by a team of respected writers and authors who are experts in the field, and understand the research challenges you face. DAD is designed to give you the reader insights into how artists work and what you can take from their endeavours to move your art on at pace. We won’t overwhelm you with content, rather select the very best stories, case studies, tips and advice to help you in your quest.

Q. How much does a subscription cost?
A. To subscribe to DAD is free. You can also upgrade your package to include the latest printed version of Discover Art.

Q. How are currencies converted for subscriptions?
A. The payment gateway (the most well known being PayPal) will convert the currency into sterling at the point of purchase.

Q. What can I expect from my subscription?
A. Over the course of a year we will run a number of core features, special features, case studies, tips, and absorbing stories, written by a team of accomplished authors and writers, expertly compiled by our editorial and design team. You receive your own personal login details and can view and manage your own subscription in our client area, purchase then archive back issues (i.e. those published before your subscription started), read current issues and much more. The content can be viewed in PDF format – so wherever you are and whatever your preferred way of reading the content, its ready and waiting right there for you. See our list of upcoming features for more information.

Q. I would like to subscribe. Can you show me how?
A. Yes – just click on the button below and follow the instructions. It’s very straightforward – we just need your name, email address and one or two other details to process the subscription set up. And should you run into any difficulties just give us a call on +44 (0) 20 8265 9489.

Q. I am having difficulty paying for my subscription – what options do I have?
A. Most people use PayPal to pay for things online and we offer this as our “usual” payment route. We are aware that in some instances some customers prefer not to use particular payment routes such as this, so we are quite happy to accept a cheque or bankers draft made payable to Discovery Media Group Holdings and delivered to Discovery Media Group, Discovery House, 63 Dundale Road, Tring, Herts HP23 5BX, UK. For details on payment options outside of PayPal please call +44 (0) 20 8265 9489.

Q. How secure are my payment details?
A. When you pay by PayPal your bank details are not shared with us or anyone else outside PayPal. Please refer to PayPal, as the “payment gateway” for the security of your bank details.

Q. Do I have to pay VAT on this subscription service?
A. No. There is no VAT payable on this service.

Q. Can I claim this subscription as a business expense?
A. In almost all cases subscriptions to magazines in print and online are admissible as a business expense. Please refer to your accountant for your own individual circumstances, and print out your subscription payment receipt upon completion of the payment, so you can file as expenses.

Q. Will you send me an invoice or receipt?
A. Yes. A receipt is generated via PayPal. For payments outside of Paypal we will not automatically generate a receipt, but if one is requested we will raise one for you. If you require a receipt against for example a postal payment please let us know at stating your name and reference number, and we will issue a receipt.

Q. How will you use my email address?
A. We will use your email address to keep you infrequently updated on products and services from Discover Art and our partners Great Art. You further agree in our Terms and Conditions that we can pass your email address on ONLY to the art materials retailer (independent of Discovery Media Group). Your email address is required from them in exchange for free information and offers on hundreds of art products. Outside of this, your email data is never sold, traded or licensed – and always kept secure.

Q. I have paid for my subscription but have not received my login details – why?
A. Please allow up to 48 hours for your payment to activate the full subscription service. After this point, if your login details are still not received, please call us on +44 (0) 20 8265 9489.

Q. When is my first issue available to read?
A. As soon as you have your login to your own client area of our website you can read the current issue. You will receive a further 5 issues and will also have the opportunity to retrospectively purchase back issues (i.e. issues published before you had activated your subscription)

Q. I have lost my login details – what shall I do?
A. If you know your login username, you can use the ‘lost password’ link on the login page. Otherwise, please just write to us at stating your name and we will resend your login details. 

Q. Why do I need to keep my password secure?
A. As a subscriber to DAD you have agreed with us that you will not share your login or password or any of the content with anyone else. More than one person using your login is a breach of the Terms and Conditions you, as a subscriber, have agreed to and you will be held liable for logins that are identified as not personal to you, as an individual. For this reason it is of the utmost importance that the login and password details are held by you and you alone. The publishers invest heavily in producing a high quality low cost information/content service. 

Q. Can I share my subscription with others?
A. No – your subscription is a personal subscription. If you would like to share your subscription with others you will need to upgrade to a multi-user license. Further details upon request at +44 (0) 20 8265 9489 or by email at

Q. Can I transfer my subscription to another person?
A. In some cases, yes. Subscriptions are live until they expire, and on a single user agreement. A subscription can only be transferred to an individual who resides at the same billing address as the original subscriber. To transfer the subscription the original subscriber will need to inform us of the change (including the new subscriber’s email address), and we will generate a new login for the new subscriber based on their own details.

Q. Once I subscribe, can I access back issues?
A. Yes. Back issues are available to be purchased once you are a subscriber. Of course the 6 issues published to the end of your subscription term are included in the cost of your subscription.

Q. I have an offer code – how can I use it?
A. You can use an offer code by typing it in at the checkout when subscribing.

Q. I’d like to order a print magazine direct from you. How do I order?
A. Just go to the order print copies page and fill out your details. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery in the UK or 14 days for rest of the world.

Q. I have ordered a print magazine from you but it has not arrived – what shall I do?
A. When we send magazines in the post we include a tracking code. Simply tell us that the magazine you ordered was not received and we will look into it with the Post Office. Please allow 30 days for us to resolve the issue with the Post Office. Where a delivery has been confirmed as not carried out we will send you out a new delivery as quickly as possible, and we will claim a lost parcel from the Post Office. Delivery enquiries should be made to

Q. When I access my login I can’t find the current or recent issues of DAD. Why not?
A. When you log in you should see the members’ area of DAD. Every month a new issue will be added, building your collection/archive – you will be able to access the 6 issues published after your subscription was activated, or purchase other issues individually. If this is not the case or you have technical queries, please email us at

Q. Can I cancel my subscription?
A. Your subscription will last for 6 issues from the date your subscription is activated (the minimum period). You can cancel your subscription at any point after 12 months. On the eleventh month of your subscription we will ask you if you would like to renew your subscription for a further 12 months. This is the first opportunity you have to cancel your subscription, and such cancellation will be effective from 14 days after the 6th digital edition you have received.

Q. Will I be able to archive the issues I subscribe to?
A. Yes. All of the issues published during your subscription are archived in your own personal login area.

Q. Can I reproduce part or all of the issues that I subscribe to?
A. Reproduction of part or any of the issues you have subscribed to is strictly forbidden without the prior consent of the publishers, save single page print outs (limited to 1 copy printed out per page).

Q. When will I know that my subscription period is coming to an end?
A. We’ll let you know before the end of your subscription and show you how to continue.

Q. I’d like to order a subscription as a gift for someone else – how can I do that?
A. That’s fine. As long as you know their email address all you need to do is write to us at once you have paid for and set up their subscription. We will then remove your email address from the subscriber database and add a new email address.

Q. How can I buy multiple subscriptions on behalf of my club, society, school, university etc?
A. For multiple user licenses to subscriptions please call +44 (0) 20 8265 9489 or email us at stating the number of users and the type of users. We have special rates for multi user licenses which make it even more affordable for your organisation to sign up.

Q. I’d like to use copyright material found in this subscription – what permissions do I need?
A. All material found in the DAD is copyright Discovery Media Group and further copyrights are published with third party consent. For this reason please approach us first at stating the extent of the copy you’d like to use, where it is proposed to be circulated and in what numbers, to obtain the permissions you seek.

Q. I’d like to discuss ideas with the editor – how do I make contact?
A. We are always happy to hear from our subscribers with their stories, case studies and suggestions for content. This is important to us as we want to reflect the range and diversity of demand for different content. In the first instance please write to

Q. I’d like to talk with someone about my subscription – whom should I call?
A. DAD offers a personal service to each and every subscriber. If you have any questions at all about your own subscription you can speak to us, real human beings, on +44 (0) 20 8265 9489. If we don’t answer straight away just leave a number and we’ll always come back to you